Oneida County Sheriff's Office

Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Emergency Management/E911

The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office maintains 2 full-time Lead Telecommunicators and 12 full-time Telecommunicators in our state-of-the-art communications center. Through our Enhanced 911 Center, we provide dispatch services for one full time fire department, sixteen volunteer fire departments, three ambulance services, nine first responder groups, one city police department and one township police department.

The career of an E-911 Telecommunicator can be both exciting and rewarding. Most often the first contact in an emergency, our highly trained and professional dispatchers are capable of providing valuable information in emergencies and insure that the appropriate help is sent quickly. Although this position is not the most visible aspect of law enforcement, many lives have been saved through the calm professionalism of the telecommunicator.

If you have an interest in this exciting profession, please check our Employment Opportunities page often. Our Employment Opportunities page is often the first notification that applications are being accepted.

Our Staff

Emergency Management Director Ken Kortenhof

Telecommunications Lieutenant Sherri Congleton

Telecommunications Sergeant Rachel Malicki

Telecommunications Sergeant Amy Pequet

Telecommunicator Nicole Lea

Telecommunicator  Trista Alsteen

Telecommunicator Scott Meier

Telecommunicator Brandi Gray

Telecommunicator Jennifer Thompson

Telecommunicator Jack Lilek

Telecommunicator Connor Newman

Telecommunicator Jasmyn Marten

Telecommunicator Ethan Phelps

LTE Telecommunicator Mary Goeldner

Emergency Management Program Assistant Dawn Robinson

Radio Technician John Heisel

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