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Detective Sergeant

Oneida County

Job Description

SUMMARY: Detective Sergeants shall supervise deputies and personnel as required, subject to the order of the Sheriff or Chief Deputy. They shall direct the work of the Sheriff's Office in the accordance with State Statute, Policy and Procedures prescribed by the Sheriff and Chief Deputy, under the general supervision of the Chief Deputy.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Includes the following on a daily basis:

    1. Performs all essential duties of a patrol deputy as appropriate.
    2. Conduct criminal investigations as directed and respond to critical incidents as requested. Request and utilize the proper cooperation of other law enforcement authorities when required to assist with the investigation of crimes being committed in Oneida County.
    3. Supervises the work of Sheriff's Office personnel, as assigned.
    4. Review reports and arrests generated by patrol deputies and Patrol Sergeants and identify any trends with criminal activity or suspects. Utilize the crime prevention officer as required to assist with crime prevention activities.
    5. Be present or available for consultation regarding any incidents of a serious nature occurring during their duty shift.
    6. Read, review and implement practical applications contained in the Wisconsin State Statues, Law Enforcement Bulletin, Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Criminal Law Handbook, Policies, Procedures and other manuals.
    7. Ensure that adequate crime scene investigation equipment and supplies are available, and make recommendations for replacement or additional supplies and equipment.
    8. Make recommendations for training of staff under their supervision.
    9. Complete ongoing evaluation of staff under their supervision and complete required evaluation forms as directed.
    10. Conduct background investigations of individuals being considered for employment and report these findings as directed.
    11. Conduct internal investigations as directed by the Sheriff or Chief Deputy.
    12. Any other assigned duties.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Includes the following requirements:

    1. Knowledge of organization and functions of other agencies outside the department.
    2. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships within all the divisions of the Sheriff's Office.
    3. Ability to prepare and supervise the preparation of clear, accurate, and comprehensive reports.
    4. Develop working knowledge regarding the proper operation of all assigned equipment.
    5. Ability to assume command during all incidents of serious nature.
    6. All the same qualifications as Patrol Deputy.


High School Diploma with a minimum of 4-years experience as a Patrol Deputy within the Sheriff's Office.


Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Good mathematical skills


Must have the ability to evaluate situations, based on training and experience, and make good decisions. Ability to exercise discretion within designated duties and responsibilities


Training & Standard Bureau Certification as a Law enforcement officer. Valid Wisconsin driverís license. Maintain certification in firearms, annual in service training, and other specialized areas as assigned


Sound decision making ability based on training and experience is paramount.