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Deputy Sheriff

Oneida County

Job Description

SUMMARY: Protect life and property through enforcement of laws. Directed supervision is received from a Sergeant. Assigned duties are performed in accordance with state statutes and department policy and procedure.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform a wide variety of duties connected with law enforcement, including, but not limited to the following:

    1. Patrols streets, highways and other public and private areas to enforce laws, protect citizens, investigate suspicious circumstances, and discourage the commission of crimes.
    2. Responds to calls for service from the public to investigate crimes, disputes, motor vehicle accidents and disturbances.
    3. Provides first aid, other assistance and referrals for accident victims and others requesting or requiring assistance.
    4. Issue citations, make arrests, conduct interviews, interrogations, and intervene where appropriate.
    5. Transmit and receive radio messages, operate squad vehicle and equipment, dictate and prepare required reports.
    6. Operate equipment such as firearms, computers, radios, radar, ATV, boat, motor vehicles, baton, OC spray.
    7. Maintain security of all persons in their custody.
    8. Maintain security as assigned in courtrooms and designated public buildings as directed.
    9. Read, review and implement practical applications contained or derived from the Wisconsin State Statutes, Wisconsin Law Enforcement Bulletin, Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Criminal Law Handbook, Sheriff's Office Policies and Procedures and other manuals as directed.
    10. Any other duties assigned by the Sheriff


    1. Assume the duties, responsibilities and authority of the Sergeant in the Sergeantís

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to do the following:

    1. Obtain and retain the knowledge of the principles and practices of law enforcement and of the laws and ordinances pertinent to local law enforcement.
    2. Be able to function effectively under various degrees of stress, including high stress.
    3. Be able to use discretion effectively by fair and impartial treatment of all contacts.
    4. Be effective in the discharge of all duties under changing environmental conditions.
    5. Develop and use effectively, problem-solving skills in order to mediate disputes effectively.
    6. Maintain composure and control responses to high-risk contacts and adverse encounters while projecting a professional image.
    7. Ability to determine and maintain confidentiality.
    8. Operate motor vehicle safely, while engaged in operating other assigned equipment and performing other assigned tasks.


High School diploma, 60 college credits, maintain certifications in firearms, annual in service training, and any other Department mandated training.


Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Good mathematical skills


Must have the ability to evaluate situations, based on training and experience, and make good decisions


Wisconsin Department of Justice - Training & Standard Bureau certification as a Law Enforcement Officer. Valid Wisconsin driverís license.